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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pick an antique lock without destroying it?

While we do not specialize in antiques, we do specialize in locks. Our expert locksmiths can easily assess early on if a lock will take on damage in the process of picking it, sometimes just by looking at it.

Does needing to jiggle my keys mean I should change my lock?

While it would make things easier if you replace your locks, needing to jiggle your keys simply mean your locks are getting old. Although if you want to be cautious, you should be replacing your locks before they get old.

My husband lost our house keys, should I change my locks at home?

You don’t have to re-key your house locks because it will only cost you lots of money. You don’t have to spend lots of money to ensure your home’s safety. Yes, it is possible to re-key your house lock and associate it to one key only. As a matter of fact, many business and house owners are doing this.

Is it also possible that I re-key my apartment even if I’m just renting it?

To makes sure that your protection is in exceptional state, you should re-key your apartment locks. In that way, no can access any of your belongings and important valuables.

Once you transfer into a new house or business building, it is essential that you should get your locks changed. If ever you encounter lock issues or problems in the future, always consult a reliable locksmith to set up new locks.

Definitely! Your house locks should operate using the same key because this will prevent lockout situation.

Do I need to install new locks?

It’s not a good move to immediately change your house locks. This will only cost you lots of money. The best thing you should do is re-keying your locks, in that way you won’t have to change every lock in your house. You will only have new set of keys for your house and your house will be exclusively access by your family members and relatives only. The thing about your old house keys is the contractor or your neighbors have them too. Before you experience disturbances or break-ins, rekey your house locks for your own safety.

I misplaced by car keys

A key code is available for that. The code is available if you are the one who originally buys the keys. The code is usually presented on the original copy of the bill of sale which you might keep but, if you already lost it, you can ask the dealer for a copy. Sometimes, these codes are written on the front of the owner’s manual. Using a key code, you can save time instead of purchasing key fitted to your car. To get the code for your car, you can pay $20.

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